My endearing one,

Its mine happiest wish that you're having the worst of times. That you're uneasy and always worried when yours only love will return home. I hope you're having sleepless nights, ever graced with scary nightmares.Not that I hate you, gorgeous, my love for you is more than yours. But jealous is me.You shouldn't be in peace while here I am in the trenches. Watching cronies and foes journey to hell for sure.

As I write this, I don't know if I'll finish. I can't tell whether I'll seal it or even post it. In any case it reaches you,it's my last testament; of love, respect and honour.

The short stints we spent curled in each others arms, mending faults in our anatomies, seems like centuries past for me. Aaaw! How we glided in the gardens south of the city. Chasing and loving in the lush grass. And of our nocturnal promenades by sea, concluding in hungry, primal and savage embraces on the sand.Forever I'll remember. Never again in this cosmos will you here from me. Another lifetime maybe, if the lore is true. I won't die,I won't be crippled. When the last of men return you may ask --why did he stay away? This is mine answer. I loved you. Now I am knocking on the gates of hell... waiting to be admitted to the paradise of the underworld.

I wished to return home, first days in war. Then I pulled the trigger. I can't forget the look in his eyes, wonderful peace, as life crept out of him. Couldn't sleep for days, then I slaughtered another and another. Slain soldiers never go to heaven, as such, 117 men writh in hell on my account. The big Lucifer is really pleased, of the many souls I've gifted him. Its only fair if I get a rank among the legions of the underworld. Get me wrong not, my wish is lest to scare you. But again,this is mine last testament.
I pray you find this very comforting, it may keep you warm this long  winter.
And please... I hope my side of the pillow remains unviolated.

       Yours truly.

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