"You're a silly, stupid imbecile." Those harsh, unforgiving words began your call."Don't ever in all your life, dare come near me again. I just can't associate with D+ failures."
With that said, you cut off the connection, cursing.I was hurt,but as I write this, the vitriol in me is quashed. I have new found peace. For me this letter is a celebration, a testament and a final act of love. A quality which in spite of my unorthodox kcse results, in spite of what the future holds, I still possess in abundance.

Since form 2 when we met at that music festival in Bungoma, we've loved like silly angels. To me you lost your virginity and mine to you. We've been screwing like crazy horses ever since then, with no protection of course and it surprises me that you ain't pregnant. Have you been using pills??  Or maybe I am not a sharpshooter???  No the latter.All in all our life has been a,gorgeous teenage dream. Us updating our status with nonsense like "MCM,WCW,the love of my life " and such crap.Sadly all that glamour is gone. This is because you're listening to the bastard called society.

Society is a monster, a serpent pit full of vipers and enemies of development. Due to the covert dealings of enemies of development, you now believe that success is that A grade in high school and a med or law course in campus. How could you listen to such balderdash?? Anyway,now you've deserted me, a celebrated and certified D+ holder,with more chances of success and this is why.

D+ holders run this country Kenya.Look at my role models;Governors like Sonko,Joho the sultan, Waititu the stone throwers and others I can't name for security reasons.You know the life of a D+ holder like me is precious... we are actually a rare species. This governors are shining beacons of the giant strides the D+ movement has made. You may think that I have nothing to offer but the future may prove you wrong my lady. Fate is a silly bitch... know that. Nyaboke, I can't envisage a life without you dearest. I don't think I'll ever find a woman who can give BJS like you.It seems you're hell bent not to rekindle our love. I won't force you, I tried that with education and the results waa tragic,a strong D+.So I walk out of your life in peace. I can only wish you luck with your new A grade lovers.But am sure those so called brainees can't even get it up. You realize that everyone has a specialty in a certain sector na this guys always have short comings in the   bedroom department. So a horny girl like you should reconsider your decision. Forgive me for my astute and direct rant without beating about the bush. Sadly that's my only speciality.

I wish not to continue boring you with this. I know girls like you don't read letters from D+ guys so am halting soon.By the time you finish reading this, I will be dead. Oh yeah,I would have hanged myself and my D+ body will be hanging lifelessly. I don't think I can thrive in this society where everyone is abusing for my lovely D+.Nice times Nyaboke. Byeeee! By the way what did you get in kcse???  I know you're miserable than me,maybe a strong E but I care less. Oh... I'll be waiting for you in the righteous side of hell, heaven is not your place surely.
                      Yours truly,
                 Osoch Ogun.
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