Each morning, I sit on my desk, by the window and stare into the hostile abyss of morning darkness. Out of nothing, a virgin creator, I pound the keys of my laptop. At first light, I slide out of the house, camera over shoulder, and go view the world through lenses.    

Stories make us human. It’s the fucked-up narrations of our confusing and muddied pasts which define the now and chart out the future. Millenia gone, our forefathers would congregate in cahoots, around timeless fires and converse. They built language, with it, stories, the greatest gift they left us.

As humans, many things which should not separate us, do separate us. Wherever you look, there are rubicons of race, markers of gender, lines of elitism, handcuffs of sexual orientation and many more. We can fight them all day but you realize that we humans as a species, we’re in eternal conflict. And the only way to blow away this battling resolve is to embrace different stories. Listen to the unheard and give voice to the voiceless.

Stories develop our empathy and grow our love. And thus, I tell stories. To connect with you in me and me in you.

Call me Osoch Ogun. I am a storyteller. I am a Yogi. And life is beautiful. 


  1. Hey Osoch Ogun (funny name, huh!)
    It's great what you are doing. Love your stories man. For an aspiring writer, I have to say I envy you.
    Keep it up! Just keep writing! Just keep the stories coming.

  2. You are a force to reckon. Am inspired my nigga😂


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