There are times you get shocked. When you accidentally mpesa money to a certain Kinyajui. You call Kinyajui but guy doesn't pick. You know that feeling? How you curse? Asking God why he let it happen? Why couldn't his angels, more so Angel Gabriel guide you on the right path. Why couldn't he say

"Caleb, you're messing. Its the wrong number."

But because God wants to teach you a lesson,he makes hit the send button in haste. You see the name Kinyanjui appear, and you think, fuck! It should be Emily. You're damned, Kinyajui has the money, and getting refunds from people named Kinyajui ain't easy. Obviously. I just don't imagine a guy in some dingy pub in Banana, most likely a bodaboda rider, getting an m-pesa message, then out of some good heart he sends the money back.

People don't heal from such shocks easily. Personally, I don't think I can. I will curse people, their mothers, their grandmothers.I''ll threaten to visit a mganga. I will swear to pull a "Jowie" on them. But then I'll heal, we all do.

There's one thing which has been on my mind lately. What happens if all social media platforms are shut down? No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Whatsapp, absolutely no shit! No memes to keep you going. Such a life will be lousy. There's noway my stories will reach people, I'll write stories but they will remain unread,unfulfilled. They will die before they walk through the world, before they are mocked. They'll remain virgin stories, untold, unheard and that scares the shit out of me. I mean why write a story and then don't get it out to the world?

But should social media shut down, the world would certainly be a better place to live, and this why. 1st there are this braggarts who think they can impress us. Always showing off, the latest gadgets or whatever drinks they are imbibing. If they knew, most of us don't care. We don't give a damn about your life, how happy you are sad. We don't care about where you partied on he weekend. For us life is just life. So we have a banana, and watch you do your thing.

I don't think its fair to roast this show offs sana. Maybe, they find happiness in that. Its their life, their fuel, they feed on it. So let them be!

Small advice.

Look at social media the way you watch a movie. Its all smoke and mirrors. People are not as successful as they seem. Not as happy as they look. Not as beautiful or as dashing as they appear. Or they might be. You never know really.

One short question and an answer.

Should people post their failures on social media?

I don't think so. Like why the hell would I post my low points for the world to see? Social media is like a business or this massive interview. You don't see shopkeepers sobbing as they serve you, or can you go mourning to an interview? Maybe you, not me.

Is this post short? Do you feel betrayed? Did I lowball you?? Easy Gang. Today is a holiday. My ass gotta rest too. I cant turn up here doing posts each freaking wednesday. Shout out to Matiang'i, like he is the guy, he gives writers a holiday too. The real cabinet secretary.

See you next week.

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